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Five Fab Facts about The Author : Maria Lewis

1) I was born, bred, raised, brought up, reared, educated, in fact all of the above in the grand old Borough of Hackney, East London. Yes, the very same place as that famous businessman with the TV program and that singer who won the X factor. Wow, what a place that even spawns writers!  

2) I went to an all girls secondary school called Haggerston where I discovered my love of sports (I was in every team they had …oh, except swimming and that was down to a hair thing) but funnily enough not my love of writing. That happened when I worked for local government and the letters I wrote to the customers became a little more creative than required. I realised then that it just made sense to turn some of that imaginative literacy into a book – and voila!

3) Drama was the first thing I thought about during my earlier than most mid-life crisis at 30. Not many know this but, I was in Bridget Jones Diary, yeah, I really was! Not the book (obviously), the movie. It was a small part … okay, it was smaller than a small part – I was an Extra who was walking across Tower Bridge in the freezing weather. You can’t see me (believe me I looked!) but without me along with the many others that sub-zero day, that busy scene may not have looked quite so authentic. It could be said that I actually helped enhance that movie experience! Anyway, the really long hours it took to film a really short scene made me realise that maybe the acting business wasn’t for me even though I have been called a Drama Queen once or twice …!

4) Then there was my stint into the world of Finance. Being a Financial Adviser for a Bank was great for learning the difference between Final Salary and Money Purchase pensions but not so great when you have to sell the idea (and a pension) to a twenty-something year old whose comparison is either spending their next wage packet on a glitzy top and skinny jeans or putting the money away and not being able to spend it for another 40 years or so. Needless to say, that didn’t turn out to be my cup tea either but at least I'm a dab hand at pensions!  So, third time lucky with Writing, I hoped – and third time lucky with Writing I was!

5) Finally, that question that just seems to be burning on everyone’s lips – Is One Girl and 3 Guys a story about moi? For those that know me, I think the question should be - Is One Girl and 3 Guys about YOU?  :-) 

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