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One Girl and 3 Guys - To purchase, click here

Price: £7.99 ISBN: 978-0-9560842-0-0

The Girl
Jess - Stylish, vivacious, unappreciated.

Who could have imagined that ending one relationship would be the beginning of a battle for her affections from not one, not two, but three different guys?


The Guys
- Calming, charming, typical 'lad'.

The long-term boyfriend Jess wants to leave who is just as determined not to be left. He believes that if there's no other man then there must be hope to get back in Jess's good books. And as there's been no mention of another man ...

Gary - Super sexy, super smooth, super conceited.

The unmentioned man who's had his eye on Jess for a very long time. He isn't about to let the fact that he has a fiancee spoil his opportunity either. Having his cake and eating it is the perfect solution, and now that the cake is on his plate ...

Tyrone - Self conscious, sweet, persevering.

The usually shy guy who chooses this time of all times to find his nerve and add himself to Jess's ever growing list of suitors.

The Dilemma

There's no doubt, Jess is in triple trouble! Bobby won’t allow her to let go of the commitment she doesn’t want, Gary won’t give her the commitment she does want, and Tyrone…well, she’s not sure what he wants. And with no-one taking no for an answer, how on earth does a girl get herself out of a situation like this?